Our Mission

The Women’s Health Organization International (WHOI) was established in 2012 with the goal to empower women, in Africa and the African Diaspora, to gain autonomy with respect to their individual medical affairs with an emphasis on maternal health. We aim to accomplish this objective through the improvement of health care and the dissemination of health education.

The founding of WHOI was inspired by a severe childbirth derived affliction known as obstetric fistula, which affects about 2 million women in Africa and Asia. The World Health Organization has called it “the most frightful affliction of humankind”. Obstetric fistula results in urinary and fecal incontinence if not treated.

WHOI intends to be the vehicle by which disenfranchised women can self empower through health.

Our Objectives

To generate public awareness around prevalent women’s health concerns, via extensive public education projects, research-based initiatives and campaigns.
To ensure adequate and responsible health care by initiating programs that address the issues concerning women’s health care.
To encourage global support for the improvement of women’s health, by engaging in dialogue to help bring about support for new initiatives, and by conducting ongoing research to ensure that the most current remedies are made available to the widest possible audience.